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Greetings fans, Originally announced by Wizards in October of 2019, Unsantioned has been the talk of the town, atleast in my area. With numerous rumors and thoughts coming to see what the project and ultimately the set would look like. Questions on whether they will have new restyled full art lands, and what personalities may show up, such as Timmy. I personally was hoping that the legendary squirrel that Gavin Verhey was talking about with the command cast during his intervi

October Update

Greetings Everyone, Let me apologize. I know I missed September's update and for good reasons. As an individual who works a full time job in the defense community in which I have been deploy a lot lately in preparation for my upcoming operation, Op-Projection. I am also a father of three amazing children with a beautiful and supportive wife who also vie for affection as well, on top of this I also act as a primary care-giver to my aging old mother who suffers from numerous

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