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About Us: FAQ

Who are we?

The Phoenix Syndicate's origin's while quite lengthy can be paraphrased to simply the following; We came about after an intergalactic battle during the infamous Round 3, in a web based game called "Planetarion" for which {EVIL}Miker and {EVIL}Praetor (Now known as J,The Filthy Casual) worked Tirelessly in old IRC Chat rooms. Miker and Myself were able to coordinate almost every spare alliance big and small which logistically was a nightmare. We were able to rally a good number of people to make one last coordinated strike and take down the big baddies of the universe, while it was only 1 of many systems it sent a message and it kind of stuck, hence forth evolving the {EVIL} tag from the Diablo 2 Franchise, where {EVIL}Praetor was the last of his kind.

There were many iterations of the "Clan" however the TPS was what it became. It wasn't Until EverQuest when "Phoenix Syndicate" was taken that they became "Clan {EVIL} again with the 4 founding members being the "Prime Evils" or the Gatekeepers of the Guild(s). 

Whenever and wherever possible the TPS tag was not taken, The Phoenix Syndicate was soon to follow.

Now resurrected as a business venture for online broadcasting for broadcasting with various members hosting various games at various times "TPS" has arisen once again from the ashes of it's former self.

(Artwork was from original guild banner in Planetarion, Edited by Corpseman)

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