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2020 and Beyond

Greetings Everyone,

J, Here with an much needed update going as far back as November. As most of you are aware 2019 was a very busy year for me, my family and the military. This means that a lot of my time was spent not producing content but rather doing the missions and attending courses. While that is not ideal for my fans or trying for monetization, I am proud to serve my country.

One of these courses was PLQ, which is a Junior Leadership Course that is intended to weed out people who can not be senior leaders, no shock that I passed after three attempts. While this seems bad, know that one of the test is Laws of Armed Conflict with is a 4th year Lawyer degree, and I got sick on the second and was sent back to my unit to recover.

There was a lot of fun had on this course, and I would be lying if I didn't say it was hard. For example, I wore my Fitbit into the field and the first day I calculated over 100K steps and over 350 floors (calculated by elevation change of at least 10 feet). I was stalked by a wolf, seen a bear came face to face with a cougar, won the navigation exercise with my section and the second proudest moment of my career (even though a simulation) was leading a successful base defense, while being short 11 personnel (2 Sections) all our feats as a section were recognized with the Esprit De Corps Award. (Click to view photo's). However, while I was away completing this and other career related objectives, there was a lot of nasty comments left on my videos about the lack of content recently because of this and I will stress that it will not change the facts I have always been open about. My military career and family will always be my priority. I am not Tolarian community college with half a million plus people that could be donating a dollar a month which would allow me to retire and produce full time, nor would I want to. Don't take that in an degrading manner, The Professor produces top quality content that I enjoy and you should as well, the emphasis I am trying to pass on is this is a part time gig for me, that is ever evolving. I try to make the Pre-Pre Release event for arena, as the hard working staff at Wizard of the Coast takes the time to create and manage accounts that include me, which in turn allows me to pass that onto you. I have a number of unfinished videos that I intent to publish at some point, or set to premier however I have to re-edit a lot of things. For example I have ceased my affiliate program with a few organizations.

After completing my PLQ Course and learning about mental health, the treatment of people and how to fine tune my leadership skills (leadership is a natural ability I have), I found that their business practices were not conducive to the health of the MTG community and that they made exceptions for certain people over others and some would not honor Wizards allowance of their Intellectual Rights they gave us for the production of mats and binders.

After calling one company out on it, and doing everything in my power to please a few of them, they refused to ever return an email or affiliate message in the dashboard, so effective yesterday (22 Jan 2020) I have deleted that and will be in the process of cleaning that off my videos for the future. I have no time for these games, and none of you should either, most of us produce our content for free and would even do it for just recognition and not free SWAG. I in particular created custom commercials for my pre-releases, for them which I might add was more effort than all the women and high ranking viewed male channels, who received free items from said companies. So I am in the market for a company, preferably a "ma & pa" style tiny company that may live on ETSY or websites like that who would like to be highlighted, or someone who would fill that void I now have in service providers.

With that being said 2019 was very good for us as well. I have a Tee Spring Storefront with simple designs, I have this website now as well as a bridge to all the sites and locations I have. I Currently I have 1x LGS Sponsor that I seek for my product, I have Tim Hortons here in town that provides me coffee and food for pre-releases. I have @XSplit and @Tubebuddy as well which are unpaid however I do have an affiliate link for them. If interested shoot me a message and you can help the channel. Moving on, the initial Asia Pacific tour I was intending may be sidelined depending on the outcome of my coursing and potential posting, but this is fine as I am also currently looking for locations for a studio so that I can provide a stable set for my activities such as streaming, and hobbies. I do like to refurbish and build things. I stress this will always be a hobby, if at the time I could retire I would probably spend my time helping other creators that deserve the chance to be creative and follow their dreams.

In conclusion I will always be there and my DM's are open. I am always willing to do collabs, work permitting, or hanging out in person should we be in the area.

Thank you for taking the time to read, and as always Be Excellent to each-other.

J, The Filthy Casual



This article is the opinion of the writer.

Justin Morrison is CEO of The Phoenix Syndicate Gaming and is a 13 year veteran of the Royal Canadian Navy. He likes to, in his spare time create MTG Content and paying RPG's like Everquest and World of Warcraft. You can find him on Twitter >J, The Filthy Casual<

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