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August Update

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Good Day Friends and Fans,

August has been a very busy time and will only be increasing over the next month. I will be going on a course which will make me radio silent in every sense since I will be in the field and not at sea.

When I return in October, I will have 3 weeks off before doing another 3 week sail before Christmas. After Christmas there may not be any ship movements until march but once march hits I will begin an Asia-Pacific tour, which I intend to use as a means to stop into various game stores around the world and play games.

Now, for the most unsettling and uncool news. As you all know I am a very friendly and easy going guy, and I don't like to take more than I need, in fact I really don't like to receive help at most times, so when it comes to my Patreon rewards I only aimed to allow it to break even.

What this means is that if you donate a dollar, you get a dollar value in return. To be I personally wanted you to hold something however this has now become an issue. As I was getting ready to send out the September Patreon rewards and Canada Post delivered me some bad news.

Now this may not seem like much to most, however the Point of my Patreon system as I stated was primarily is like an investment. You input X funds and receive X back in the mail. It allows me to temporarily use the Patreon money to fund Pre-Release events and games, however it has not taken off as well as I hoped and that is mostly because of the following design flaw.

In an attempt to justify your donations I will break down my cost just for postage for both Canada and U.S.


For Canadian shipping the flat rate is about $2.00, this does not include the envelopes, card, top loader sleeve, ink or power used to compile the card.

Ink is $54.00 for a cartridge (Black only) and gets 100 sheets at most, making it $0.54 cent a page. The envelope is $0.03 cents and the paper is about $0.56 a page. Top-loaders are about $0.50 and sleeves are well $0.01.

So to ship in Canada just without the card I am spending about $4 - $5 per person. This does not include the power.


For my american friends the shipping rate is $2.75 if I can make it fit a package. so it's only slightly better.

It is my intention to see if perusing a business account with Canada Post will reduce this, and I am sourcing items from amazon and eBay such as bulk paper and ink cartridges in an attempt to reduce the cost further.

So it's unfortunate but anyone at the $1.00 Tier will no longer be receiving benefits in the mail come October. For those increasing to the $5.00 Tier, upon the first billing cycle you will be increased automatically and everything will resume as normal.

Intention is to do a Pack give-away every 6 months for the $1.00 tier, if we get at least 5 there. As always I appreciate each and every one of you from the subscribers to the Patrons. While I have not been able to upload due to connection at sea, I do promise I have a lot of video's ready for editing.

This years goals are well on their way to being reached. We only need 1000 more hours for monetization and we are looking for 10x $1.00 Members and 10x $5.00 members. there are three Patrons at this time however I want to wait and see where they end up.

Thank you everyone for your understanding. Your dedication to me while I work in the Defense community tells me volumes of your characters. You can become a patron here: or you can make one time donations at the top of the web-page.

Thank You, Thank You.

J, The Filthy Casual.

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