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Good Days Fans and Fam,

I just wanted to let you know that I will be out of communication for the next 30 to 40 Days. I will be gone for work and as such I have taken down my store here for the duration of my deployment, and I think I managed to pause my @Patreon. If billing still comes out for March I will refund it.

I have mailed out the February's patron rewards already to cover me off for the duration of my deployment, which you should be receiving soon. I will still be sending out March as a thank you, I don't suspect the March ones will be late. The rest of the year looks iffy with work commitments, however I am planning a trip to GP (Magic Fest) Vegas for 2019 in August for meet and greets #WeAreMTG and to participate in some Commander shenanigans, collab's

I will check in when I can, I will be in San Diego in the near future if anyone wants to get coffee or drinks, my DM's are open.

Thanks for your continued support, and See you all soon.

J, The Filthy Cas

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