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February Update

Greetings Everyone,

Thank you for all the outpouring of support in the last few months. I have been busy doing an accounting and medical based career course for promotion at work and it has been daunting. So In the next few weeks on Wed and Fri you will see some pack openings for content. I am waiting to hear about the Pre-Pre Release for Ikoria, and rest assured I will inform you if/when I am allowed to let it be known. So lets address the recent mass uploads. I spent January and February scouring the internet for anything old MTG and I found a ton of old commercial and set release videos and since I know a lot of you use them for videos due to us being allowed to use the IP's I did what I can to increase them and clean them up and re-upload them. These will release weekly to keep the channel viable while I am deployed. You may also notice the music, I did the same with that. I tried making it entertaining however I realized that adding video to it increased their size which may be a problem so I used an arena stock photo. They are in a play list so you can listen to them just for fun or download them to use them. I have managed to record and broadcast my phone / camera to my laptop so I will be recording my 20$ box purchase which I have still yet to look at and I hope it will have good gems. This about catches you up for February and the start of March. If you have ideas for content please don't hesitate to make recommendations.

Thanks for reading my post,

J, The Filthy Casual



This article is the opinion of the writer.

Justin Morrison is CEO of The Phoenix Syndicate Gaming and is a 13 year veteran of the Royal Canadian Navy. He likes to, in his spare time create MTG Content and paying RPG's like Everquest and World of Warcraft. You can find him on Twitter .

J, The Filthy Casual

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