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J's, World Tour Announcement

Greetings Fans,

As stated in the subject line I come with very exciting news. The only more exciting thing will people I end up meeting when I am out doing my tour. So lets get into the details; I plan to do a six-month world tour, locations, names of people or stores I will be visiting and the dates will be updated here as I choose them. The plan is to meet as many content creators as possible in locations across the globe (mostly Asia-Pacific at this time) and play games, whether MTG or something else.

Why Asia-Pacific? Well, to put things simply, YouTube is a hobby of mine and I have a full time job that can take me away from creation and family. So to make the best of it I plan to piggy back my main job which I love and do what I love to do in my free time as a content influencer.

Wherever possible I will film my interactions or appear as a guest on their streams to chat or play. I will also try and merry-up with the C.F.B. Events. My start and finish date are somewhat known but my locations haven't been decided yet. So check back here regularly for updates.

As always this is only tentative as things can change last minute, however I will keep you in the know as I know them. If you or someone you know would like to meet at one of these locations and dates, please DM me on Twitter to arrange it.

Tour Schedule (Tentative):

Tour Start: 1 July, 2019

Stop 1: San Diego, CA July 2019

Stop 2: Las Vegas, NV 22-25 August , 2019

Stop 3: Hawaii, 2019

Stop 4: Thailand, 11-15 October 2019

Stop 5: Guam, 2019

Stop 6: Australia, 2019

Stop 7: China, 2019

Stop 8: Japan, 2019

Stop 9: Vietnam, 2020

Stop 10: Singapore, 2020

Stop 11: S. Korea, 2020

Tour End: 18 Dec, 2020

Thanks for Reading,

J, The Filthy Casual

P.S. If anyone is friends with L.R.R, I do live in Victoria, B.C. now and would love to appear on one of their pre-release's in the future. Hook a small creator up :)

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