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January Update

Greetings Casuals, January proved to be an okay month for us here at TPS Gaming. Firstly lets get into YouTube and Twitch. There has been a lot of political issues arising surrounding the US election and the problems Big Tech is doing to suppress what people consider free speech. Unfortunately J's twitter channel was caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.

We have tried appealing the suspension due to the fact that he did nothing wrong. He muted 4 accounts and did a twitter search to verify DJT's account deletion. There has been no response from Twitter in nearly 4 weeks and all we have seen is auto responses. The reason for the suspension is the following:

This is clearly not the case, as muting people to not see their post is not platform manipulation. Now I am not entirely sure, however the Business account and my twitter may have shared a phone number at which point yes, this is possible as it clearly states a single person can't have more than one account. Which brings me to this question? If a small business is starting up and they don't have a social media manager or the funding for a second number, then how do they go about this? At any rate we will continue to fight this suspension we are not hopeful that it will be unsuspended, but we will continue none-the-less. It's not like we have anything better to do like try and provide content (sarcasm), which brings me to the next update. As I have been saying briefly to the people closest to me I had undergone a lot of life changing and life altering problems and issues in 2020. It ended with me being separated from my family, and getting diagnosed. I have received the findings from my diagnosis's which is PTSD, Major Depressive Disorder and Major Anxiety Features. These are all contributed to my service time. While it is still going on I can't talk about what lead to these issues, I can state that seek help should you need it. Talk to friends and family, get referrals, open up to people. My door is always open to everyone and the coffee and tea is always one button away. Talking is the difference between life and death. I have since been medicated and talking to multiple therapist and life is getting better. I am almost to a point where I can start beginning to create content again. I did have a scare with one of the dead channels though, Turns out Knights of the Round(er) Table were broadcasting from the Wasteland account. At the time I didn't know that Vlad had accessed it, however due to it being linked to my google account it had me sent me an access warning so I locked it down. It was a funny situation in the end and I ended up watching their premier / test stream which was entertaining. You can find it on The Gallagher's YouTube >HERE<. For my channels, I was thinking of starting an RV life channel to inform people of the do's and don'ts, and my personal experience with it, and then continue on with gaming on the TPS channel. Due to Covid and personal life I haven't had the MTG spark reignite yet. As we go into February, I am not sure what it will hold. Work is kind of busy and since I was promoted I am now the manager of 23 people, each with their own training, issues and questions that do keep me busy. As I take a mentoring approach, this doesn't end at the end of the work day. But bear with me, I am doing my best and content will come back eventually. From everyone here at TPS Gaming, and Myself J, The Filthy Casual thank you for being patient and taking the time to check in. Its you the fans that make this possible. Kind Regards, J, The Filthy Casual



This article is the opinion of the writer.

Justin Morrison is Owner of The Phoenix Syndicate Gaming and is a 14 year veteran of the Royal Canadian Navy. He likes to, in his spare time create MTG Content, playing RPG's like Everquest and World of Warcraft. You can find him on Twitter .

J, The Filthy Casual

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