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June Update

Greetings Fans and Family,

This month has shown slowed growth on the subscription front and it's understandable. I was away on course and had no content lined up ready to go. Mostly because my next 2 "The Creators are in person and live streamed" so I could not pre-record them.

With having a full time job it can be hard to be consistent especially in the Defense Community, so what will June bring? well I have three pieces of news. One I can't talk about at this time, that will be revealed later this month. Two is that two new Card companies have reached out to have me demonstrate their product. The 3rd is the community. I am now followed by 2 of my favorite artist, Terese Nielson and Amy Weber.

This is a big step for us as a community it shows that without people backing me financially that we can grow and expand and make a difference. That is because of you the fans. I hold no i'll will against Terese, I love her art and try to avoid the twitter drama that has seen me become an outsider. We have also broken 1700 subs on YouTube, which is more than to say for the people who have chastised me and put me on the fringes, most who has seen drops in subscriptions.

Thank you for your continued commitment. P.S. My wife was in charge of shipping Patreon rewards for April, May and June and told me she didn't use a hard cover. If your rewards are damaged please let me know.

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