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Nahiri, the Lithomancer

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

Nahiri on Zendikar, forging an Indestructable Stone Blade

Greetings Fans and subscribers,

Lets start with who Nahiri is. Nahiri, The Lithomancer is a planeswalker from Zendikar that was released in the Commander 2014 set for white. She was released without any good cards in her deck, no game changers except for herself.

A mono-white commander such as Nahiri has the unique advantage of dodging most of white's notorious sweeper mechanisms, a theme not seen very well in the set she was released in. On top of being an planeswalker, her abilities are extra-relevant for white, revolving around equipment. For my first blog post it's my intention to go over my mono white equipment deck. This deck runs Nahiri as the commander.

For an easy to obtain 5 white mana, she comes out on curve almost every time. While for competitive decks they will usually have 2-3 creatures on the field she comes out immediately capable of defending herself.

This deck has been updated recently to have Sram, to help with card draw from the few Aura's and the many Equipment the deck runs.

The point of this deck is to curve out as many creatures or tokens as possible, equip them with the game winning hits. While I currently only have 2 of the big Swords, you can class this as a Mid-Range value deck probably clocking in around $130.00 CAD.

Nahiri, packs a powerful punch between powerful equipment to repeated sweeps. She dodges cards like Humility, which can end games, she retrieves your equipment, she makes tokens, and she makes a pretty powerful equipment piece. This aggressive card serves as an excellent commander for a deck that focuses on removal, tutoring, and ramping into late-game fatties.

If you are going to play her, it's obvious that there are a number of more competitive staple cards, equipment among that list, that are costly. I collected the swords and have since bought/traded for the expensive lands in the past few years and just had them lying around for this type of deck. You don't NEED the swords to make the deck, but they certainly help.

This deck could also get away with running any of the Legendary creatures, However You could run Sram, for Draw power, Kemba for token generation or even Thalia as a means to lock down opponents creatures. This is generally meant to be a casual fun deck and holds no real power on a competitive level.

How do you win the game? Early game is pretty important. You're capable of a few early sweeps and removal spells, but you're mostly focused on setting up. By the time you can cast Nahiri, you should have some equipment out or ready, perhaps a creature ready or a man-land out. While my deck used to manage the "Forbidden Watch Tower, I did remove it. You also want some ramp, or top-deck control mechanism out. Mid-game should consist of you making your presence known with sweeping the board, playing and equipping equipment. Late-game, you should be still chugging along with big fat creatures to mop up your opponents, sweeping, and reapplying your equipment's, planeswalkers, and control.

I have included the link to my video and deck here:

Video (v1.0.0):

Deck: (v1.0.1)


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